It’s so cold!!!!! So cold even, that the school districts have delayed school tomorrow for 3 hours so the little kids don’t have to stand at the freezing bus stop…. only in South Carolina. I’m sure if northern states/ mid western states heard this, they would get a good laugh. It’s not even like there is a chance of snow or anything.. Just an all time low of like 19 degrees with a windchill of 0 degrees. Good thing I don’t have to wake up early and venture out in that freezing cold! My poor dad does though.. so grateful for everything he does for me and my family!

Today was a pretty cold day as well… so I pretty much did nothing. I babysat for 2 hours but other than that I snuggled up and stayed cozy in my bed. I will miss these stress-free days where I don’t have do to anything… 6 more days until school and 5 until I am back in Columbia.


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