An Interesting Start…


Well, as you all know, today was supposed to be a very cold day… and it was. Surprise. So cold, in fact, that half of my town lost power because everyone was using so much of it at the same time to heat their houses… Crazy! So of course, my house was one of the many that lost power this morning, and for some reason the loss of power triggered EVERY single smoke alarm in my house to go off. Not one. Not two. But five. FIVE SMOKE ALARMS. Going off simultaneously. Talk about ear piercing. And terrifying. I was sleeping when it happened, and I literally jumped out of bed from a dead sleep, heart pounding and mind racing. I ran and made sure my mom was up and thus the search began to make sure everything was okay. After going outside and checking the house inside and out, we knew we were not in danger. Meanwhile all FIVE smoke alarms were still BLARING… so began the journey of taking the batteries out of each one in order to get them to stop. I finally calmed down but was still unsettled by the fact that they just went off for no reason.. they have never done that before even when we have lost power. It was just so bizarre. At least now I know that I will definitely wake up in the event that there is a real fire and the alarms are going off. It would be impossible not to. But regardless, those alarms were SCARY to wake up to! Needless to say, it was a very interesting start to my day…


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