Day # 4


It has officially been 4 days with out smoking! I haven’t had too many bad cravings at all so far. Taking it one day at a time..

Here’s to getting my health back.


Everyone Wants Pearly Whites


There. I said it. Despite what anyone says, I don’t think anyone would object to having sparkling white teeth. There is just something so refreshing and intriguing about a person who has pearly whites. You can’t help but stare. Or at least I can’t.

When I am talking to someone that has extremely beautiful, white teeth, it’s like meeting them for the first time. Over and over. I stare and stare. And as much as I try to listen to what that person is talking about, I can’t help but day dream about those sparkling white teeth. They’re so white they are like dentyne ice chicklets. I wonder if they get their teeth professionally bleached. There is no way that is natural. Impossible. Ugh, I can’t stop staring. Wait, what did they just say? Finally, I force myself to look into their eyes with a sudden pang of envy. Why can’t my teeth be that white?

So, instead of feeling envious, I decided to take some action.  But, because I am a POOR college student (literally), I obviously cannot afford spending over $500 on professional bleaching. Nor can I afford to waste $50-$100 on name brand whitening strips. So, when in doubt, go to Pinterest.

I bought a mouth guard for 98 cents and baking soda for 50 cents. I already had some hydrogen peroxide at home because what pre-med major doesn’t (or anyone for that matter)?? And voila. Mix two parts baking soda with one part hydrogen peroxide until a paste forms and put it in the mouth guard then put it in your mouth. Suffer a nasty, chalky, slight burning sensation for 10-20 minutes (however long you can stand it) and then rinse your mouth and you are on your way to those sparkly, pearly whites!!! Do it up to twice a day for two weeks or until you are happy with results. Apparently this is a really successful, cheap alternative… so we shall see! I am on Day #2. I will say after suffering from the chalky, burning sensation, my mouth really does feel fresh and clean. My teeth do look a tad bit whiter too, but that may just be my imagination.

Pearly whites, I’m comin’ for ya.

Back to Day 1….


Well, if you can’t tell by my title, I am back to day 1 on the whole no smoking thing. Not that it’s a good excuse, but today is my birthday and last night I had a party… and well I treated myself to one. Just one. But that means the count restarts. Now that I got that out of my system… NO MORE.

But on a good note, my birthday was spectacular!! Got to see all of my wonderful friends one last time before we all part our ways and go back to school. Got some good pictures too. Although, recently, I seem to hate every picture of myself because my face looks so fat. Like a double chin ew. I weigh the most I ever have in my entire life and you can actually tell in my face ( too scared to get on the scale recently). It’s gross. You think that would be enough motivation to get me exercising and eating healthy again! Ugh there are just too many temptations when I stay at home…

6 more days until I am back at school and my diet and exercising plan starts…. I can do this.

Cheers to a New Year…


Well, the new year has officially begun… Crazy how another year has come and gone… time sure does fly!!! I have started to work on my New Year goals which I stated in my previous post. My working out/ eating healthy officially starts Jan.13th when I go back to school… but for now I am trying to cut back and lean away from junk.

Today is day #2 of no smoking! Not that I ever was a huge smoker… I would go through a pack of cigarettes in about a week or more… normally only smoked them when I was drinking or super stressed out… so it hasn’t been hard at all so far. It never is at first. I have gone 2 weeks without smoking before, but the first time I am out having a good time drinking and around other people that are smoking… I somehow always give in and end up smoking way too much. Then I’m back to square one on Day 1. But this time, I am quitting for good! I have contemplated buying an e-cig to help me for when I am at parties or have a craving… but as of now I am going to try to quit cold turkey. No nothing. E-cigs still contain nicotine soooo its still not healthy as much as they make it seem like it is. And they taste good… so I really don’t want to get addicted to an e-cig like many people I know. We shall see!

On another note, I am ready to get back to school and get back in a groove! I need the gym and healthy foods with no temptations! I also need the privacy of my own apartment back for my own sanity’s sake. I love my parents and my home.. but damn! One thing is for sure, when you go to college, you appreciate home a lot more, but you also appreciate your independence and alone time!

Im ending this night on a good note watching the Sugar Bowl… Thought Alabama would bring it to prove to the nation they should be playing for a national title… but instead they are pretty much doing just the opposite… Don’t really care who wins though! My gamecocks won yesterday and that’s all that matters!!