Everyone Wants Pearly Whites


There. I said it. Despite what anyone says, I don’t think anyone would object to having sparkling white teeth. There is just something so refreshing and intriguing about a person who has pearly whites. You can’t help but stare. Or at least I can’t.

When I am talking to someone that has extremely beautiful, white teeth, it’s like meeting them for the first time. Over and over. I stare and stare. And as much as I try to listen to what that person is talking about, I can’t help but day dream about those sparkling white teeth. They’re so white they are like dentyne ice chicklets. I wonder if they get their teeth professionally bleached. There is no way that is natural. Impossible. Ugh, I can’t stop staring. Wait, what did they just say? Finally, I force myself to look into their eyes with a sudden pang of envy. Why can’t my teeth be that white?

So, instead of feeling envious, I decided to take some action.  But, because I am a POOR college student (literally), I obviously cannot afford spending over $500 on professional bleaching. Nor can I afford to waste $50-$100 on name brand whitening strips. So, when in doubt, go to Pinterest.

I bought a mouth guard for 98 cents and baking soda for 50 cents. I already had some hydrogen peroxide at home because what pre-med major doesn’t (or anyone for that matter)?? And voila. Mix two parts baking soda with one part hydrogen peroxide until a paste forms and put it in the mouth guard then put it in your mouth. Suffer a nasty, chalky, slight burning sensation for 10-20 minutes (however long you can stand it) and then rinse your mouth and you are on your way to those sparkly, pearly whites!!! Do it up to twice a day for two weeks or until you are happy with results. Apparently this is a really successful, cheap alternative… so we shall see! I am on Day #2. I will say after suffering from the chalky, burning sensation, my mouth really does feel fresh and clean. My teeth do look a tad bit whiter too, but that may just be my imagination.

Pearly whites, I’m comin’ for ya.